Clinician "Live"

"You-as-a-Service" for doctors and small businesses serving the healthcare industry.
Your server, your data. We package up YOU and your "YaaS" for the world.

"You-as-a-Service" ("YaaS")

We help small business owners AFFORDABLY activate their products and services on the Web.
Using exclusively open-source technology, we pass cost savings onto you and provide a collaborative 1-on-1 experience throughout your digital journey.
Join the largest "Live" expert network as a doctor or whatever it is that you do. Represent authority in medicine or in any profession, digitally.

We Simplify Self-Hosting

YOUR server, YOUR data. Join a growing number of businesses (and individuals) choosing to self-host their own digital services and product portfolio.
"YaaS" includes a ".Live" website, your own chat server, cloud storage, a collaborative task board, business SMS with your own VOIP number, all with server space left over for more! YOUR server space.
Move into a ready-built suite for you and your brand for a flat $25/mo. Compare with per seat pricing for most SaaS companies. Why go "SaaS" when you can go "YaaS!"

Looking to Subscribe to an Expert?

Get help starting a business, setting up a website, optimizing content for SEO, integrating communications through APIs, deploying productivity tools and SaaS apps, generating leads, digital marketing services, and more.
Communicate over your app of choice (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger) or use our included web app built just for you.
Get responses in real-time from a real person. A coach and a mentor. One-on-one. Cancel anytime.

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